I. Functions

- Representing and protecting the rights, interests and legitimate by officials and teachers of the college

- Joining professional management, participating in activities of the departments, faculties, and other organizations.

- Propagating, educating and motivating the staff, teachers promote country ownership, perform civic duties, build and protect the country.

II. Duties and powers

- Communicating the way, the Party's guidelines and policies, and the laws of the State's duties trade union organization. Raising the level of education, politics, culture, law, science and technology

- Checking and supervising the enforcement of regulations, policies and laws, ensuring the implementation of the rights of members, officials and teachers. Preventing negative struggle, corruption and social evils. Detecting and participating complaints and denunciations, and implementing trade union rights as prescribed by law.

- Under the leadership of the party committee, the trade union coordinates with the department and office headers to implement the regulation on democracy. Together with the department and office headers to improve working conditions, care for the lives of officers and teachers; Organizing social activities and charity

- Developing union members, building strong trade union field.

III. Organization and management activities

The trade union organizes and operates on the principle of democratic centralism, following the basic contents:

The committee of trade union was elected by the general assembly.

Highest decision-making rights of each level of the trade union congress of Trade Unions that level.

The committee of trade union of all levels operates on the principle of collective leadership, individual responsibility