- Implementing training plans, scientific and technological activities, management of teaching and learning quality.

- Advise and assist the Rector in managing, operating, recommendations and organizing assigned tasks.


- Teaching academic subjects; Direct management, exploitation, use and maintenance of specialized classrooms.

- Making plans for lectures, implementing training plans and regulations on professional training.

- Studying and suggesting the planning, implementation of the framework program for electrical engineering vocational students.

- Compilating of programs, curriculum subjects, teaching materials suitable for practical requirements.

- Organizing scientific and technology activities, linking training with scientific research; improve teaching and learning method.

- Implementating the labor protection and labor safety for teachers and students.

- Organization and management administrative activities of the department.

- Management lectures and students of the Department as assigned by the Rector.

- Implementating the duty of consultants in educating and helping students.

- Perform other duties as assigned by the Rector.