Basic Science Department is one of six departments of CEPC, is responsible for teaching basic science subjects: English, Computer Science, Politics, Law, Advanced Mathematics, General Physics, Web administration, network adminstration, some subjects of accounting sector such as Banking and Finance, Business administration etc


Organizations implementing training plans, scientific and technological activities, management of teaching and learning.


- Teaching academic subjects in the attached Appendix 1; Direct management, exploitation, use and maintenance of specialized classrooms.

- Making plans for lectures, implementing training plans and regulations on professional training, organizing training and other educational activities in the general plan of program, organizing the implementation, test, graduation exam for students.

- Organizing scientific and technology activities, linking training with scientific research; compilating of programs, curriculum subjects, teaching materials suitable for practical requirements; improve teaching and learning method.

- Implementating the labor protection and labor safety for teachers and students.

- Organization and management administrative activities of the department.

- Management lectures and students of the Department as assigned by the Rector.

- Implementating the duty of consultants in educating and helping students.

- Perform other duties as assigned by the Rector.