I. Functions:

The office of testing and quality assurance was established to advise and assist the rector in managing and administrating the work of testing, evaluation and quality assurance of education in the college

II. Tasks:

1. For the Testing:

• Advising the rector with regard to the type and format of assessments, acceptable responses and grading criteria.

• Setting up types and forms of exams, managing and using exam questions bank.

• Managing, checking and supervising of the exam organization. Managing exam questions, marking and storing, processing and analyzing test results

• Scheduling technology proposals equipment and tools for the examination.

2. For the inspection:

• Setting up inspection activities in the jurisdiction of the rector. Inspecting the implementation of policies and laws on education; inspecting the implementation of the regime's pedagogical faculty, implementing rules and regulations of the staff, the implementation of regulations on training, examination regulations, diploma or certificate; financial management, asset; science and technology, work organization and personnel; the implementation of labor, wages, policies and other necessary conditions to ensure the quality of education.

• Performing tasks to citizens and in coordination with the people's inspection boards settle complaints and denunciations in the field of education in schools in accordance with the law on complaints and denunciations.

• Performing the task of preventing and combating corruption in the education sector under the provisions of anti-corruption legislation.

• Performing statistical mode, the inspection report to the competent authorities in accordance with current regulations; proposal to amend and supplement the legal provisions relating to school activities

• Reporting, summarizing the practical experience of the inspection; research, improved working methods in order to improve the efficiency of inspection work.

3. For the verification and quality assurance of education

• Advising the proposed deployment of a comprehensive solution to ensure the quality of education (including teaching methods, learning methods, test, assess the quality of training, the conditions to ensure the quality of education apple...).

• Coordinating with related units and construction research system evaluation tools: Curriculum, teaching faculty, the learning of students, employment of university students.

• Coordinating with related units held evaluate training programs, teaching faculty, the service of student learning, training students of the school system.

• Conducting a self-assessment according to the standards of accreditation participating colleges and external assessment at the request of the Ministry of Education and Training.

• Organizing training courses for the staff and faculty of accreditation activities.

• Guiding and inspecting the implementation of accreditation in the unit.