I. Functions:

Advising and assisting the Rector in managing activities on finance and accounting. Monitoring and supervising the payment, financial plan and other fields related to financial activities

II. Tasks:

• Planning and managing activities on finance.

• Implementing the efficient management and use of financial resources in accordance with national law.

• Developing a spending plan to allocate a reasonable and lawful response to the training requirements associated with manufacturing and other activities

• Developing internal regulations on issuance, spending, use of financial resources and ensuring financial principles - accounting and supervise all financial activities

• Developing the accounting.

• Implementing the work of synthesis, reports and statistics on financial activities.

• Coordinating with departments, striking a balance timely

Making the payment of salaries, allowances, and other benefits for the staffs and all other expenses for the teaching, learning, researching; constructing facilities; repairing; purchasing equipments for the college, etc... in accordance with the current regulations.

• Organizing of tuition fees, dorm levy and other levies.

• Organizing the work of the assessment materials, assets and capital as prescribed. Perform depreciation regime supplies equipment prescribed by superiors. Recommend liquidation, asset disposal supplies damaged or not in use to ensure leverage and savings in use.

• Planning and implementing the procurement and allocation of stationery

• Inventorying and clearing property.

• Managing and storing of records, books and documents from the revenue and expenditure.

• Completing other works assigned by the rector.