I. Functions:

This is an administrative unit of the Central Electric Power College, with the functions of advising and assisting the rector in implementing research, and international cooperation

II. Tasks:

Advising the rector on drawing up, developing proposals and promoting scientific research, and international cooperation.

Organizing and guiding for staff, students how to registering and implement scientific research projects.

Identifying, implementing, monitoring, managing and approving scientific research projects.

• Constructing the regulations on the evaluation, testing, application and publishing the results of scientific research and technological development; proposing scientific and technological awards, recognizing forms of scientific and technological research of units and individuals in the college.

• Organizing and managing the work of evaluation, inspection and test activities of science & technology.

Implementing international cooperation programs.

• Advising the rector and the units in the activities relating to international cooperation (organizing of conferences, international conferences, signing cooperation agreements with universities, construction and managing of training projects funded by abroad, etc ...).

• Guiding units in the college how to build and implement cooperation programs and training cooperation with universities and organizations at home and abroad, research institutes, companies and representative offices service of teaching, learning and scientific research of the college.

• Searching and receiving scholarships, providing information on scholarship programs for students and teachers.

• Making plans to welcome international delegations. Coordinating with the offices to support and guide the entry and exit procedures for teachers, students working, studying, attending seminars and conferences abroad. Manage foreign teachers.

• Permanent council for scientific research.

• Completing other works assigned by the rector.