I. Fucntions

This department which is a professionally consuntantive one helps the principal in the work of student management and education, organization of implementation of dormitory management,

II. Missions

1. Receiving and managing students’ profile learning in the college. Selecting representatives of each class; establishing monitoring books so as to manage students, making students’ cards, students’ name cards, certifying parcels and delivering letters to students.

2. Planning and organizing the first week of political activities, extra curricular education plan to students;

3. Consulting, introducing the jobs for students;

4. Organizing to give moral education, groove, style of learning, activities to students; organizing periodic meetings, unscheduledly assessing and commenting the results of training and emulation points for students according to regulations;

5. Based on the mode of scholarships, fees, social assistance to propose the scholarship benefits and tuition exemption for students;

6. Proceeding with the acquisition of accommodation claims for being in the dormitory for students, reviewing and arranging accommodation for students in the dormitory, checking the students’ implementation of dormitory rules; implementing the work of temporary registration accommodation for students, guests staying in dormitory;

7. Actively coordinating with the local authorities near the location of the college and near the places where students are living to manage the order keeping, political security, social safety and order, especially in the relationship between the college’s students and other schools’ students as well as with local people;

8. Periodically organizing direct meeting between the college leadership with students. Timely informing students’ parents to solve the incidents related with the work of students’ education. Making periodic and sudden reports on the work of training and education of students;

9. Cooperating with the Youth union, other departments, faculties to propose the organization of annual good students contests;

10.On the basis of the current rules and regulations, proposing forms of praise, collective and individual rewards for students who have high achievement in learning and training; proposing forms of discipline for the students who violated the current rules and regulations. Solving administrative procedures, transferring students who are having discipline of temporary suspension, permanent suspension and having to return to their local.

11.Appoiting students to labor movements, security guarding, security gurading on holidays, lunar New Year ... or participate in other activities following the plan of the college. Solving procedures of the vacation, summer holidays, and New Year holiays for students according to the regulations. Being a terminal to solve leaving – school procedures for students;

12.Regularly monitoring the situation of students’ ideas, timely reflecting to the college leadership and actively proposing appropriate measures on the work of directing students’ ideas. Timely having measures to limit, prevent students from the bad effects of badly debauched culture flows, the social evils;

13.Directly managing the dormitory, the guest house and other facilities which serve the living and learning activities of the students and guests; implementing the management of dormitory, assets, performing the test of electrical repair, water, buildings, etc.; making the sanitation of the dormitory and the guest house;

14.Implementing the radio propagation in students;

15.Medial work:

15.1. Organizing to have periodic health examination for the staffs, health check for the new students of the college according to the current regulations. Handling the cases of students who are not healthy enough to study at college. Implementing the work of medical insurance, accident and body insurance body for the staffs and students, cooperating with the insurance agencies, relating faculties and departments to solve cases of sickness, accidents, and risks for the staffs and students;

15.2. Organizing to educate and propagate the prevention of the diseases. Timely detecting and reporting the epidemic situation, organizing to prevent the diseases and doing necessary measures under the direction of the city health agency;

15.3. Regularly checking, reminding the implementation of hygiene and food safety, doing the sanitation for the canteen and dining room of the school;

15.4. Planning, estimating to purchase annual medicines, medical instruments according to the approved funds. Rightly doing the mode of allocation, payment and medicine storage as well as medical devices under the management. Cheking and curing normal health problems, having urgent first aid in place in case of emergency and with the ability of college health center;

16.Environmental sanitation work

16.1. Planning and implementing the work of periodic sanitation in the dormirory.

16.2. Planning and implementing the planting of trees, flower gardens, grass to create a green, clean, and beautiful environment in the dormitory;

16.3. Periodicaly and unscheduledly inspecting, urging the implementation of sanitation work in the dormotory;

17.Performning other tasks when the school leadership requires.