I. Fucntion.

This department which is a professionally consuntantive one helps the principal in the management, implantation organization of training courses, training levels in the college to ensure the quality and proper regulations.

II. Missions

- Researching, proposing the construction of a new training programs under each period, which is appropriate for the requirements of society.

- Monitoring and proposing solutions to improve the training quality of the college.

- Building plan of teaching, probation, establishing the timetable for each semester, academic year, test plans, end – of – semester exams, end – of – academic year and organize graduation examinations. Each semester, Generalizing plan of teachers of the faculties and sending to the principal for the approval.

- Building regulations, specific regulations on training activities (teaching and learning) in the college, promptly suggesting problems which need to adjust or supplement.

- Summarizing, assessing learning outcomes of students in each semester, academic year according to the regulation. Generalizing reports and sending them to the principal and higher organizations periodically and sudden requirements relating to the training.

- Tightly managing types of degrees, certificates; making a monitoring book and organizing to give them to students after their graduation.

- Planning and organizing the contest of good teachers every year.

- Planning and organizing to foster advanced training professionalism, teaching skills for teachers.

- Organizing the enrolling appropriately with the plan, ensuring the quality and proper regulation of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare and EVN.

- Managing, deploying classrooms and equipment for teaching.

- Building plan, organizing the compilation and printing of textbooks, teaching and learning materials.

- Library management:

- Researching, proposing directions and plans to develop documents on science, technique, society and culture ... consistent with the mission of training and scientific research of the college.

- Collecting, managing the publications published by the college, doctor and master thesis of the staffs and the graduation thesis of the students.

- Introducing, guiding the staffs and students to explore and use documents managed by the library. Timely sending notifications of new documents added to the library.

- Organizing to classify, conserve, building catalogues, sorting documents according to specialization, themes.

- Receiving and timely delivering press to units and individuals according to the regulations.

- Always being available for the board of entrance examminations, reviews, graduation.

- Performing other tasks when the headmaster requires.